Friday, May 15, 2009

My Thoughts on E3 2009

It almost seems like this year’s event will feel like E3 ’96. We will be going from a trimmed down version to a fully fledged event with tens of thousands of people. I am looking forward to all the sequels to some of the great titles of the last 18 months. Now we know that the sequels will be at E3 all over the place.

I have heard from some insiders that Sony is going to announce something that is going to make you buy a PS3. I have yet to get one. Sony needs to do something now. I understand that the PS3 is here for the long haul, but they need something monumental to get this system into more homes. God of War III is a great start, and Infamous is another step in the right direction. And hopefully Sony will do something to get the PSP a lot more steam with some original IP’s and just some great software overall. I am hopeful that a new PSP will be the tourniquet to Sony needs to stop the bleeding of quality that they are suffering. Sony needs to get a good sprint going, and they cannot lose momentum. Maybe at E3 we will also to get a playable FFXIII… we will see.

On the Xbox 360, I am hoping that Microsoft doesn’t get carried with the casual market games and continues to please both casual and hardcore fans. Halo: ODST, Dead Rising 2, Virtua Tennis 2009,Lost Planet 2 and Brutal Legend are some on the game I am looking forward to. Also I am looking forward to Bayonetta and Alpha Protocol. Microsoft is doing well right now. I just hope they don’t lose momentum and keep doing thing well.

Nintendo really needs to bring out the big guns at E3 2009. The DSi hasn’t set the world on fire, but there is potential for more sales with all the DS titles being released. With the new Mario RPG 3, Phantasy Star Zero and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles releasing in the fall, the DS will see a very healthy second half of 2009. Only time will tell what the Wii has to offer. I know Punch Out and the Conduit will do well, but hopefully the house of Miyamoto will give us a new Mario or Zelda title.

Now I am hoping that Tornado Outbreak is the new game from Konami. Kojima always likes to keep everyone guessing until the games are released. Maybe I will get to see the 3rd Zone of Enders game. I am looking forward to Assassin’s Creed 2, Modern Warfare 2, and Fairytale Fights. In conclusion, I believe E3 09 is going to be a great show.

Andre “otakuman5000” Tipton

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